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Back to School Special:

Master Hendrix ran the Chicago Marathon to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and raised nearly $8,000.00!  

Essential Martial Arts is one of the premier martial arts schools on the East Coast. Our specially trained staff has helped thousands of people reach their goals of improved: Focus, fitness, relaxation, weight loss and improved confidence. We have specialized programs for all ages and skill levels. 

Come see our modern facilities and meet our friendly and professional staff - who receive specialized training directly from EMA's founder Master Monty Hendrix- 7th Degree Black Belt and monthly Tae Kwon Do Times international columnist. Master Hendrix' passion for martial arts and teaching can be found in every EMA instructor...
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 "Hi, Master Hendrix. I watched this [video] last night and just want to thank you for this initiative. Bullying is much worse than it was when we were in school. Today it starts earlier and gets worse as our children progress through school. Listening to you just added another reason I am so glad my daughter returned to Essential Martial Arts. Thanks."
- S. Harper

"We are truly appreciative of all of the time and energy that you put into the training and development of your students.  It is your genuine and sincere interest in each student and their supporting families that initially attracted us to Essential Martial Arts and has kept us with you over the years.  It is that commitment that makes it easy for us to speak so favorably about Jackson's (and ours, too) experiences over the last several years.  We have seen Jackson grow stronger in confidence and character. We appreciate the contributions you, your family and staff have made in his development."
-Terry, Carla Jackson & Luke

This is the first time since I was a child that I have actually enjoyed exercising...EMA staff and you make it easy to train there...very welcoming and approachable. I appreciate all of you so much. Thanks again! "
- T. Richmon

"Hmmmm, not sure what to say but I'm pretty sure this private training and seminar [with Monty Hendrix] just changed my life... It was amazing... Tons of details to follow... but it was crazy... "
- T. McGuire (MMA & Judo school owner)

Essential Martial Arts Founder - Master Monty Hendrix - was featured on the cover of the March,2013 Issue of Tae Kwon Do Times - The world's premier magazine concerning Korean Martial Arts!  Master Hendrix is also a featured columnist in every issue of Tae Kwon Do Times !

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