Essential Martial Arts' Golden Rules
of Street Survival.

-Written and taught by: Master Monty Hendrix

Þ    Always have total awareness.  Never be caught off guard and be sure to keep distractions at a minimum.

Þ    Always train to “expect the unexpected”.  Never assume you have “seen it all”.

Þ    Always train with a beginner’s mindset. Absorb as much about self defense from all sources you have available.  Never assume you “know it all”.

Þ    Always avoid a conflict if possible. Use common sense.  Never instigate a situation or abuse your skill.

Þ    Always have an exit strategy. Never let yourself get surrounded.

Þ    Always assume an athletic defensive posture if confronted. Never make your self look small and defenseless.

Þ    Always work toward learning to harness your fear. Never let fear control you. Use it to your advantage and strength.

Þ    Always have a safety strategy for your family.  Never assume your family will react correctly without proper training and preparation.

Þ    Always have the confidence that you can protect yourself. Never carry a defeatist attitude.

Þ    Always look for an: opening, a weakness and an opportunity to escape or to disorient your opponent. Never ever ever ever hesitate.

Þ    If you must fight then… Always fight to win.  Never ever ever ever give up.