Are you interested in booking Master Hendrix and the EMA staff for a seminar? 

Master Hendrix has taught seminars and sessions in: North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado and California! 

During 2011 he is already booked teach in: Colorado, Texas, Florida, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts and possibly Austria in addition to numersous local seminars.

Master Hendrix and the EMA staff have specially designed topics for:

  • Corporations
  • Martial arts schools
  • Law enforcement & military channels
  • Centers of education and higher learning
  • Professional and amateur athletes
  • Empowerment groups
  • Busy executives trying to get healthy or learn protection skills with limited free time

With a degrees in Interpersonal Communications and also in Broadcast Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll, Master Hendrix is an expert communicator and motivational speaker.  He has worked directly with thousands of people on a myrad of topics.  Whether you are a military outlet looking for hard core "worst case scenario" tactics or a professional athlete or team needing to develop a level of focus and relaxation that will allow you to perform your best when "the heat is on"; you can rest assured that your program will be taylored to your group and presented in a first class and professional manner. 

Master Hendrix at a glance:

  • 7th Degree black belt master in Traditional Taekwon-Do certified by Grand Master K.S. Hwang and the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation. 
  • 4th Degree black belt master in HapKiDo and the United States East Coast Director for the World HapKiDo Association.  He was original trained by the world famous Late Grand Master Bong Soo Han.  After Master Han's passing, Master Hendrix is now trained directly by the World HapKiDo Association's President - Grand Master Tae Jung.
  • One an elite group that hold the FULL INSTRUCTOR ranking in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and Philippine Martial Arts from world renowned Sigung Paul Vunak. Sigung Vunak has starred in dozens of Instructionals and is famous for teaching SEAL Team 6 for several years.  Master Hendrix
  • Certified trainer in Dr. Keith Jeffery's Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness system as well as an avid student of the Sun Style Tai Chi.
  • Former Martial Arts Champion Competitor on the: Local, State, National and World Level.
  • Licensed Mixed Martial Arts Cornerman from the state of North Carolina.


To book your seminar contact Master Hendrix directly to check availability and to make necessary travel arrangements if needed.
mhendrix@essentialmartialarts.com      336-282-3000  

Master Hendrix receiving a martial arts hall of honors award in Atlantic City.
L to R (Actor Michael Jai White, Master Hendrix, World Kickboxing Champ Don "The Dragon" Wilson)